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College Catalog 2020-2021 
College Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Engineering Science (A.S.)

Engineering Science is a two-year college-parallel curriculum offering the basic first two years of a bachelor-level engineering program. By successfully completing the requirements for this curriculum, you can expect to transfer to a four-year engineering college to continue work in one of many branches of engineering (e.g., aeronautical, chemical, electrical, mechanical).

To apply for this program, you should be in the upper third of your high school graduating class, and should have an interest, aptitude and good high school performance in mathematics and the physical sciences. A minimum preparation of three and one-half years of mathematics, chemistry, and physics is expected.

By successfully completing an A.S. degree in Engineering Science, you may transfer to a four-year engineering institution with junior-level status. This program has general articulation agreements between the two-year Engineering Science Association and the Association of Engineering Colleges of New York State. These two associations represent the two-year engineering colleges and the four-year institutions, respectively.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Show proficiency in mathematics – including basic theory and the ability to apply that theory to engineering problems.
  2. Demonstrate an ability to apply the basic principles of engineering through the use of science and mathematics combined with a logical and methodical thought process.
  3. Show proficiency in the sciences – including chemistry & physics; and the ability to apply the theoretical concepts/laboratory experience to solve engineering problems.

Total Credits: 15

Total Credits: 17

Third Semester

Total Credits: 17

Fourth Semester

Total Credits: 17

Total Program Credits: 66


1. Technical Electives:

MAT 241 Linear Algebra 
ENS 201 Digital Logic Design /CMT 171 Digital Electronics 
ENS 210 Electrical Circuit Analysis 
ENS 212 Mechanics of Materials 
MET 261 Introduction to CAD  or MET 270 Solid Modeling 
CHE 172 General Chemistry II  and CHE 172L General Chemistry II Laboratory 
CHE 205 Organic Chemistry I  and CHE 205L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory 
CHE 206 Organic Chemistry II  and CHE 206L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory 
BIO 151 General Biology I 

2. Higher Programming Language: CSC 110 Program Design and Development  or CSC 111 Fundamentals of Computing I  are recommended.

3. Students are required to take one SUNY General Education course. This course must be from the following categories: American History, Western Civilization, Other World Civilizations, Foreign Language and/or The Arts.