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College Catalog 2020-2021 
College Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Fire Protection Technology (A.A.S.)

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The increasing complexity and technological advances in today’s society have placed an increased demand for extensive and in-depth education and training on those individuals involved in the delivery of emergency fire services, fire protection and safety and associated professions. Sophisticated fire protection equipment; advancements in building construction and materials; new concepts in emergency fire services, tactics, and administration; hazardous materials control; and effective prevention, safety and risk analysis planning are a few of the areas in which advanced training and specialized education have become a requirement.

The duties and responsibilities of the modern firefighter and those involved in the design, delivery and management of fire protection services require a continual upgrading of these skills and awareness of new developments and trends. Because of the increasing complexities in fire technology tactics and management/command skills and the resultant emphasis on advanced education and expertise, the Fire Protection Technology A.A.S. program was originally developed at the request of the Syracuse Fire Department. The program has subsequently grown to encompass not only the thousands of career and volunteer firefighters and fire service personnel within the Central New York region, but also those involved in industrial/plant protection, safety training and inspection, and building construction and design, as well as people in the insurance, law enforcement, and codes and standards professions.

The objective of this program is to impart the fire skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to handle the challenges and demands of the fire protection profession. The program emphasizes effective fire awareness, tactics, and operations; qualities necessary for fire administration, command and managerial positions; and the development of advanced skills to allow you to assume a contributing role in the delivery of fire protection services.

A “bunk-in” program has been established for those students who live outside Onondaga County and who enroll in the Fire Protection program. Students are given free housing in one of the participating local volunteer fire stations. In turn, the students provide staffing for emergency responses and perform light maintenance work for the host department.

Fire protection courses are also offered through a cable television network. Programming is live with two-way interaction between students and instructors available via local telephone systems. If you are associated with a fire department which would be interested in pursuing instruction for your personnel in this manner, we invite you to contact us.

Scholarships are periodically available through state and local fire service organizations, offering financial assistance for fire protection students.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate efficient and effective oral, written, and mobile data communication skills.
  2. Apply safety principles and practices to both emergency and non-emergency situations.
  3. Recall selected standards on which fire service practices are based.
  4. Demonstrate critical skills necessary to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the field.
  5. Recall facts and concepts necessary to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the field.

First Semester

Total Credits: 15

Second Semester

Total Credits: 15

Third Semester

Total Credits: 15

Fourth Semester

Total Credits: 15

Total Program Credits: 60


1 FPT Electives include: FPT 111 FPT 112 FPT 121 FPT 141 FPT 151 FPT 152 FPT 153 FPT 155 FPT 156 FPT 157 FPT 162 FPT 163 FPT 250 FPT 251 FPT 252 FPT 253 FPT 254 , and FPT 262 .

2 POS 102   is recommended.

3 Any credit-bearing MAT course will satisfy degree requirements.

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