Dec 01, 2023  
Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024 
Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024

Art (A.A.S.)

Specialization: Photography
Specialization: Media Communication Design  

The Art A.A.S. degree program focuses on the development of conceptual and technical skills in the fine arts and commercial design. Graduates of the Art program are provided a strong foundation for employment. In addition, some students may wish to transfer courses from the Art A.A.S. to selected bachelor’s degree programs. If you are interested in this option, please discuss with your academic advisor who will assist you to plan these transfer credits.

Students will enter the program in the Studio Arts specialization and will complete a series of foundation courses in the first year in basic drawing, two and three-dimensional design, photography, art history, color theory, concept development and an introduction to computer art software. After the completion of the first year, students may choose to remain in the Studio Arts specialization or enroll in either the Media Communcation Design or Photography specialization for their final year of advanced study.

Studio Arts

This specialization allows for a selection of advanced drawing, painting, and sculpture classes with a focus on developing aesthetic and technical skills, while exploring the potential of materials.

Media Communication Design

This specialization is concerned with the generation and design of ideas to be communicated in print, web, and interactive mediums. This specialization includes instruction in typography, digital image creation, animation, and web and interactive design.


This specialization allows for a selection of courses in lighting, software, and alternative photographic processes with a focus on developing aesthetic and technical skills while exploring all aspects of the medium.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Art program is to provide a comprehensive foundation in the arts to prepare students in the areas of graphics, multi-media design, photography, studio and fine arts, art education, art theory, and related fields.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the ability to develop conceptual thoughts into original visual communication forms.
  2. Demonstrate an appropriate level of technical competence in the production of their artwork.
  3. Demonstrate a competence in the craftsmanship, execution, and presentation of their artwork.
  4. Exhibit use of verbal and written artisan vocabulary to communicate content of their own and other students’ visual compositions and processes.
  5. Demonstrate a preliminary working knowledge of art history and its social relevance.

Total Credits: 15

Total Credits: 15

Third Semester

Total Credits: 16

Fourth Semester

  • Art Specialization Elective Credits: (3)1
  • SUNY Gen Ed US History and Civic Engagement or World History and Global Awareness Elective Credits: (3)
    (Recommended courses: HIS 103 , HIS 104 , HIS 106 , HIS 107 )
  • SUNY Gen Ed Natural Sciences Elective Credits: (3-4)
    (Recommended courses: AES 100 /100L , AES 105 /105L , BIO 105 /105L , BIO 106 )
  • SUNY Gen Ed Social Sciences Elective Credits: (3)
    (Recommended courses: ANT 154 , POS 100 , PSY 103 , SOC 103 )
  • General Elective Credits: (3)2
    (Recommended courses: an additional course from the Specialization List below, or ART 253 , PHO 260 )

Total Credits: 15-16

Total Program Credits: 61-62


  1. Art Specialization Electives:
  2. Appropriate course will be identified through consultation with faculty advisor.